Our Mission Statement

WonWish is a foundation whose purpose is to help any needy person who demonstrates the willingness to use resources they may be gifted, to help themselves become a more productive and valuable asset to society.


It is intended that said beneficiaries of our resources would in turn help others who are in a similar position as they once were, to get a hand up and overcome obstacles which have prevented them from being the asset to society they have the potential to be.


Our resources will include mentoring, advice, guidance, counseling, and more, based on the needs of each individual. We recognize that funding is not always the primary roadblock to an individuals growth. Many times the key is nothing more than showing them how to act on an idea they have, and researching to find the best way to implement that idea. So many people have great ideas, but become less enthusiastic about them if they can’t discover how to put them into action, and/or to profit from them.


Our goal is to recruit successful persons from all walks of life to form a core group that will assess an applicants needs and desires, and to collectively create a plan by which those needs and desires may be realized.


We believe that anyone is capable of success in life with the right resources. Our organization is accepting the burden of matching the necessary resources to those persons who are inspired to create a better world for themselves and all mankind, and to remove the barriers preventing them from reaching their goals.

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